What are Relationship Boundaries?

What are Relationship Boundaries?

A relationship is a bond that we have with someone, It can be with your parent’s teachers or soulmate but, one of the greatest bonds that anyone can ever wish for is friendship.

Those people are lucky who have true friends. A person is acquainted with many people in their life but the closest one becomes our friend. We may have a large friend circle in school or college. But we can count on only one or two with whom we can share our true friendship. 

Types of Relationship

There are essentially two types of friends one good friend and the other true friends or best friends. They are the ones we have a special bond of love and affection. In other words, having a true friend makes our lives easier and full of happiness.

Relationship Boundaries

The real friend is not the one you met at weekends and enjoy, doing parties and all, they are just for entertainment purposes. The real friend is the one who guides you where you are right and where you are wrong. Who helps you to grow more in your life such friends are the real friends who will always become a good guide and healthy supporter throughout the journey of your life.

However, a strong relationship doesn’t need daily conversations and doesn’t always need togetherness. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never be apart. Whenever you need them, they will always show their presence. When you stop believing in yourself, they are there who believe in you.

But it should not be a one-way relationship. If you have that friend who has all about qualities then it is also your responsibility to tell their pros and cons, and support them, so you should help them and guide them when they are in need.

Relationship Boundaries

Mutual understanding makes your bond stronger. Sometimes you may fight, and you won’t even talk for so many days. But, now that bond becomes so strong that will never let you go so far unless you do not include your ego and arrogance in it.

Ego and Arrogance are the two bad enemies of a happy relationship. And it all started with the entrance of a third member i.e misunderstanding. Always beware of these 3 haters because once they enter your life, they will break not only your friendship but any relationship that you came across.  So, always show greetings to all those friends who helped you when you need them the most. This will enrich your relationship forever.

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