Upcoming Web Series September

The upcoming web series September. From action to a romantic love story, this September has a lot for us at home only. During the pandemic, when we are not going out and feel bored at home, web series bring so much entertainment to our home and we enjoy it with our family. And to continue that joy at home we have a list of 04 web series which is released in September.

  1. Love in the Villa
    Coming on Netflix:1st September 2022
Love in the Villa
Love in the Villa

It is a new romantic comedy-based drama which is directed by Mark Steven Johnson. And Kat Graham and Tom Hopper will be the co-star in this interesting drama.
This web series was shoot in Verona, Italy between September 2021 to January 2022. This movie is all about a woman who went out on vacation after her breakup. She shares an apartment with one man.

  1. Devil in Ohio
    Coming on Netflix:2nd September 2022
Devil in Ohio
Devil in Ohio

This web series has an 8episode. This thriller mystery series is about a cult escapee who lives with Dr. Suzanne Mathis and is getting away. This series is based on a book.

  1. The Imperfects
    Coming to Netflix: 8th September 2022
The Imperfects
The Imperfects

This is Canadian sci-fi series with LGBTQ themes. The stars of the web series are Italia Ricci, Morgan Taylor Campbell, and Rhianna Jagpal. This series is about three friends who have monstrous powers. And they seek to find the person responsible and a cure.

  1. Fakes
    Coming to Netflix: 2nd September 2022

This is Canadian crime comedy teen series. This is Emilija Baranac, Jennifer Tong, and Richard Harmon starring web series. The story is about two friends who have an empire that makes fake IDs. Eventually, the empire falls and puts their friendship to the test.

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