Bet On These Stocks Which Are Above 52 Week || 17th Jan 2022


Best Stock for Coming week 17th Jan – 21st Jan 2022

Stocks:- There are multiple stocks that crossed the 52-week high-level last week, that is 10th Jan – 14th Jan 2022.

All these stocks are giving very good returns and you can bet on any of these stock prices and get huge returns.

20Mircons, Adani Greens, Affle India, Antarctica, Atlanta, Avro India, HFCL, BCL Industries, BEW Engineering, Brand Concepts, Commercial Engineering, Continental See, Deepak Fertilizers.

The above companies are doing good in terms of the 52-week price. You need to check the charts and Financials and fundamentals to decide on your buy. Buying stock is risky work, however, well-planned studied, and calculated decisions can fetch you a better return.

Where to check Trend News

You can follow money control, trendlyn, economics times, and other financial news and media channels for better inputs. You can also follow zee news business and CNBC business.

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