How to get Fair Skin at Home – Remedies

Fair Skin Tone

How to get Fair Skin at Home

Do you also want fair and glowing skin tone?

These days every girl dreams of fair and glowing skin. If you are not born with fair skin, there are so many fairness creams and home remedies that help you to become fair and have glowing skin.

How to get Fair Skin at Home

Natural home remedies are more effective than other creams which are made with chemical because home remedies not only help you to become fair but also gives you a healthy and glowing skin complexion.

There are so many home remedies and today we are going to do one of them which helps you to get rid of pigmentations and tan and gives you glowing skin and lightens your skin tone:-

Home Remedies

First, take a bowl and put some chickpea flour(Besan) which helps to remove dead skin cells add some milk or rose water(Gulab Jal) after that add a pinch of turmeric powder(Haldi).

Turmeric helps you with your acne problems. Mix all three products. Then wash your face with water and apply that on your face. After 10-15 minutes when it becomes dry wash it with cold water. This process makes your skin softer and glowing.

Take another bowl and put some chickpea flour(Basan), add one tablespoon of honey(Sahad), one tablespoon of rose water(Gulab Jal), and one tablespoon of curd(Dahi), and two capsules of vitamin E.

Vitamin E capsules are one of the best supplement for the skin because it helps to keep our skin clear and glowing.

After adding all the supplements mix it well and apply it to your face and left it for at least 20-25 minutes wash it with cold milk or rose water after that wet a cloth with cold water or ice and tap it on your skin so that all the moisture comes out from your skin and your skin become lighter in complexion and start glowing.

Do this natural home remedy at least twice a week and you can see the changes in your skin tone just in one month. You can also do this on alternate days for faster results.
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