Health Insurance: Confused about it?

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage is a substantial agreement between an insurance agency (guarantor) and the policyholder (safeguarded) enforceable in an official courtroom. A measure of assurance towards treatment costs is payable for disease or mishap in the Hospital/Daycare focus to the guarantee by the insurance provider. These treatment costs can be guaranteed either by a credit-only office or a repayment process.

List of information and advantages

  1. Protection for – Individuals / Families on Floater Basis
  2. Sum Insured (INR) – up to 2 crores
  3. Innovative Products – Customer-Centric Policies
  4. Hassle-Free Claims – 90% in less than 2 hours
  5. Cashless Facility – 12000+ Network Hospitals
  6. In-house Claim Settlement – On all 365 days by Qualified Doctors
  7. Digital Platform – Highly sophisticated website
  8. Pre-insurance Medical Screening – Not Mandatory in most of our Policies
Health Insurances

Benefits of Health Coverage Plans

The insurance provider offers various plans to meet customers’ requirements and give hassle-free in-house claim settlements. By buying various plans, you can benefit from:
  • Cashless Facility
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Value-Added Services
  • Enduring Trust
  • Customer Centric
Cashless Facility from Network Hospitals: Most insurance companies provide cashless facilities at many private hospitals, thus allowing insurers to have hassle-free access to the hospitals.
Tax Exemptions: Get tax benefits under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act 1961-2021, a taxpayer can avail of tax exemptions on premiums paid towards health policies.
Value-Added Services: Some of the valued added services are e-Medical Opinion, Telemedicine Services, Wellness Programs, and rewards
Customer Centric: Most insurance companies continue to provide convenient digital platforms and communication channels that are accessible and reachable to customers.

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