Download Songs for FREE

Download Songs for FREE

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Download Songs for FREE

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It’s been great and is my favorite music app because of all the songs on it. It recently had a problem with the liked songs where it would just show a black screen and not load, I tried everything I think of and tip I found but it wouldn’t go away. I just stopped using spotify as much and after like a month and a half it worked again. Besides that it’s been fine just a bit mad when you had to start paying to choose your song.

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I very much like using Spotify to listen to music whenever I am at the gym, cooking, or cleaning. I love being able to create my own play lists, as well as the ones Spotify creates based on the songs I have listened to. have the $9.99/ month subscription and don’t have issues with playback or ads. Me once had an issue with the volume going up and down on its own accord. It only happened once and I think that may have been a weird thing happening with my phone.

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the app just updated and now i can’t listen to any song for more than about 50 second before it skips to the next song. i went through all my settings to see if something changed on my part, but it’s clearly not. Even if i put on a new song and click to the 2 minute mark, it immediately skips to the next song. I’m extremely frustrated. I’ve also gotten notifications in the past that i can’t listen to any of my songs because i was offline, despite having downloaded them, AND having service.

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