Benefits of Eating Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Rice contains many nutrients which are considered essential for the body. Often people remain in a dilemma about which is better between white rice and brown rice? Is one rice really better than the other or is it just a myth?

What does a Nutritionist say about this rice?

The different nutritionist has shared many interesting facts related to brown rice in their social media posts and told what are the benefits of including it in the daily diet. They explained in their post, ‘All white rice is brown before it is polished. Only unpolished rice is sold as brown rice. Brown rice is a whole grain while white rice is processed.

Brown Rice

When the rice grain is polished, the bran and part of the sprouts are removed from it. When the rice grain is polished, the bran and part of the sprouts are removed from it. The sprouted part of rice is the part that contains a lot of minerals and bran is rich in fiber. After polishing, the fiber, vitamins, and minerals are removed from the white rice.
Nutritionists told that the glycemic index of cooked white rice is more than 70 and that of brown rice is about 50. This means that it does not raise blood glucose levels much as compared to white rice. And is a better option for diabetic patients. However, the lack of fiber needs attention.

Many people prefer to eat only white rice in food. Due to which the required amount of fiber does not reach the body. According to nutritionists, we should not include anything in our diet which contains only calories and no nutrients.

In conclusion, ‘Beriberi disease began to spread in the early 1900s due to the consumption of more white rice than brown rice. Because of this, there was a deficiency of Vitamin B1 in people. Especially among those people whose main food was rice. So preferring it over white rice is not a health trend, but it is a way of going back to our roots, where we eat less processed rice.

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