Best 90’s Makeup For College-Going Girls

College Girl

Best 90’s Makeup – College life is the most beautiful experience for all girls. It is also time to do experiments with your daily look. From simple to attractive looks, your makeup for college helps you to reflect your personality.

So many college girls worry about their first day at college and they also don’t know how to do perfect makeup for their college. Today we are going to do a perfect makeover for the college look. So that your first impression of your college will be wonderful.

90's Makeup

Step 1 – Makeup Preparation

Firstly wash your face with your facewash and then rub some ice on your face to set your makeup perfectively. After that apply a gel-based moisturizer that is lightweight, then apply primer after applying primer use foundation which is similar to your skin tone then apply concealer under your eye and around the mouth area and on the scars or pimples to hide them, then apply loose face powder after that apply bronzer on your cheeks moving up in a c formation of temples and blend it properly it’s really important to blend it after that apply blush on your cheeks and a little bit on your nose tips, cheeks bone, forehead and chin for a glowy look.

90's Makeup
Makeup for college girls

For eye makeup firstly apply nude eyeshadow to your eyes. Then apply eyeliner to make the line sharp and visible. After that add fake lashes if required then apply mascara on your eyelashes.

90's Makeup

Lips Makeup

For lip makeup firstly apply a good lip balm then apply lip liner on your lip line to enhance the lip shape and make them look pretty then apply lipsticks of your choice but not a very dark shade. If you are applying liquid matte lipstick it would be perfect but in case you don’t like a liquid matte lipstick and you are using normal lipstick then apply loose powder over it and recoat it with lipstick. Then with the use of tissue paper again apply face powder to your lip. It will make your lipstick last longer. And lastly, spray makeup fixer on your face properly for a gorgeous look.

You can do this makeover for your college and workplace place to gain attraction and reflect your personality.
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